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Advisory Customs Related Services in Delhi

Custom clearance and warehouse facility is the biggest problem for those who are new in the export and import business. There are several clearing and forwarding companies who deal on daily basis for export and import of commercial and non-commercial goods on behalf of their clients. Those who are well established in this business they have their own warehouses and they do not face any problem while clearing their goods and materials at custom check.

The scenario changes dramatically when the import and export of good and services are done by units registered under SEZ/ EOU/ STPI Schemes. Such schemes provide for import of duty free capital goods etc. and require in-depth knowledge of such schemes and policies along with the procedures involved.

Among all those well known management consultants, Kriti Advisory Service Pvt. Ltd. is one brand name which has earned lot of prominence in the last few years with its professional Advisory Customs Related Services in Delhi for its clients registered under SEZ/ EOU/ STPI Schemes. In NCR, Kriti have carved out its niche in this area. is one good platform that helps their clients in getting approval to set-up Bonded Warehouse and helps the exporters and importers in selling and purchasing of excise-duty free local commercial goods. Kriti experts look after the inspection of the bonded premises, and kriti experts helps in maintenance of various statutory registers and records required under various provisions of the Customs Act, 1961. Kriti is one best solution of every problem a company can face while going through the custom clearances under SEZ/ EOU/ STPI Schemes.