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EOU Consultancy Firm in India

To attract the foreign investment in India and for the development and growth of the Industrial sectors in Special Economic Zones (SEZs), government has launched several export-oriented schemes such as STPI and EOU. Under these schemes, all the large, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs) are exempted from the sales taxes and other custom duties imposed on the exportation of their manufactured goods and services.

For obtaining the total benefits of these schemes today, every enterprise wanted to establish their Export Oriented Unit (EOU) within the ambit of the SEZs. Those enterprises, who have well-established themselves in the market for a quite long time, can still get a place in the SEZ to establish their EOU, but the major problem comes to those enterprises, especially SMEs, who have recently pioneered their business and who have not yet evolved completely.

There are several SMEs who are developing with a quite high pace and on the other some are lagging behind in the competition of the corporate world. Do you know the reason why is it happening? Because many small and medium enterprises are aware about the EUO consultancy and advisory services and many, do not. Yes! There are a few wise enterprises, which preferred to contact the consultancy and advisory services instead watching other enterprises leaping into their businesses.

Though, there are many EOU consultancy and advisory services provider are available in India but if you are looking for a leading specialist then just tab on to Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd is a team of excellent experts who understands the market pulse and who have expertise in dealing with all sort of corporate affairs. So if you are willing to contact to the Kriti expert just tab on the above-mentioned website.