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RBI / FEMA Advisory Services in NCR

Metropolitan cities and NCR (National Capital Region) are the main trading centers in India . NCR includes Delhi , Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad . These are the main centers where the most of the trading activities revolves around. Everyday billions of tones of goods and materials have been loaded and unloaded in these trading centers. Any company located in this region whether it comes under the foreign exchange or not has a yearly turnover in billions and zillions.

Just like the SEZ (Special economic zones) every company is ready to invest in the NCR region. Location really matters, but land acquisition in this region is really like a sweet dream. And if you are an NRI then it is like a nightmare. Because to invest in real estate or to acquire an immovable property in India an NRI need to follow a set of rules prescribed by RBI under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999.

With the inception of globalization several foreign investors have shown interest in investing in India . Several educational institutes require land and many companies need to establish their corporate and branch office in NCR. But without the help of a management consultant who provides RBI/FEMA services in NCR and who look after all related issues it seems almost impossible. There are several management consultants available in India that provides RBI / FEMA Advisory Services. In NCR, Kriti advisory service Pvt.Ltd. is one leading management consultant.

Whether it’s foreign investment in India or direct investment outside India , Kriti experts try its best to seek the approval from Foreign Investment Promotional Board and RBI (Reserve Bank of India ) for its clients. is a leading RBI/ FEMA consultancy Service provider in NCR which help in business promotion and business establishment. For most of the foreign entrepreneurs Kriti is a one well known platform that assists in starting a business in professional way.