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SEZ Consultancy Firm in India

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are those trading centers, which are designed to promote and encourage the domestic enterprises with free trade policies provided by the government for the development of the public/private sector enterprises. Under these SEZs, hundreds of Multinational Companies and foreign investors have registered themselves and set-up their individual units.

Through the SEZ schemes and policies all, these companies are exempted from the taxes levied on their export and import of goods. In these special economic zones, the economic laws are more liberal in comparison with the other economic zones. SEZs cover several other subordinate economic zones under it such as, Free Trade Zone (FTZ), Export Processing Zones (EPZ), Free Zones (FZ) and Industrial Estates (IE) and Free Ports and Urban Enterprise Zones etc.

Today, almost every enterprise, who is in the business of production, manufacturing, exporting, and importing of goods want to establish their business unit in these Special Economical Zones. However, to establish a business unit in these SEZs, one needs to take government approval, which not every company gets easily.

The large-scale enterprises easily get place in these SEZs to establish their business unit but those who are running small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face the biggest problems. This is the reason why most of these domestic level enterprises prefer to take help from those consultancy and advisory firms who provides SEZ advisory services.

If you just tab to a few website then you will come to know that there are several consultants are running across the nation who provides SEZ related advices to their business clients, but still if you are looking for a leading specialists who deals with all the SEZ related matters professionally then Kriti advisory services Pvt. Ltd is not less efficient than any other consultancy and advisory firm.

Kriti advisory services has a team of well qualified experts from all the area such as chartered accountants, cost accountants, MBAs, IT consultant who have the expertise to deal with all kinds of corporate affairs. Hence, if you are looking for a specialist or a team of veterans who have a wide knowledge of experience in multi-disciplinary areas then Kriti is one stop solution to all your requirements.