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STPI Consultancy Advisory Services in Delhi

With the advent of globalization, several sectors have witnessed a drastic change in the last few years. Among all these sectors IT (Information Technology) sector is one good example, which has earned lot of lucrative benefits due to its sudden industrial growth. All across the globe companies are persistently demanding more and more computer professional services and computer software to run their program, but forwarding and exporting of computer software is not an easy task. For exporting the computer software from India , we need to take approval from a government agency known as STPI (Software technology parks of India ) .

STPI agency was established in1991 by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Under this agency government employee runs a software technology park scheme, which is an export oriented scheme for the development of computer software and the professional services. Thousands of business enterprises are registered under STPI, due to which the export in IT/ITES Industry has increased manifolds.

A Delhi based management consultant Kriti advisory services Pvt. Ltd. is one well known STPI consultancy advisory service provider. In NCR if you need any assistance in this regards you can contact The main objective of Kriti is to assist the entrepreneurs on the initial stage of establishing their business in India . Those companies, who deal in computer software, Kriti advisory services is one stop solution of all STPI related matters. Kriti expert knows what is essential in the beginning to establish an IT/ITES business.