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Customs Related Services

Any STPI registered unit has various requirements under the Customs Act, 1962. We act as one stop solution to all the requirements relating to customs division/range of a STPI registered unit or the unit which is proposing to become a STPI unit.

We provide following services:
Startup Approvals:

•    Approval to set-up a Bonded Warehouse      under Section 58 of the Customs Act, 1961.

•    Verification and inspection of the bonded premises.

•    Issue of Bonding License.

•    Attestation of ground plans of the bonded premises.

•    Execution of various agreements/undertakings with the  Customs Authorities.

Day-to-Day Compliances & Approvals:

•   Maintenance of various Statutory Registers and Records required under various       provisions of  the Customs Act, 1961.

•    Renewal of Bond License.

•    Issuance of Procurement certificates.

•    Arranging for the inspection of the imported/ indigenous goods.

•    Issuance of Rewarehousing Certificates.

Obtaining various approvals from custom authorities for:

•    the re-export of duty exempted Capital goods.

•    the purchase of excise-duty free local equipments/goods.

•    the import of duty free goods.

•   the import of second-hand Capital goods, import of goods for replacement and      import of goods repaired abroad.

•    the enhancement/modification of bond licence values.

•    the change of name/ location etc. of the unit.

•    the de-bonding of the unit/obsolete equipments.

•    the Inter-unit transfer and temporary removal of goods for repair/testing.