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Due Diligence & Risk Management Services

A due diligence is of prime importance to corporates at the time of mergers, takeovers, corporate restructurings, IPOs and private equity infusions. In view of the huge stakes involved in such transactions, the importance of a thorough due diligence cannot be over emphasized.

KAS acts as one stop solution for providing a wide range of Due Diligence & Risk Management services as detailed below:

We provide following services:

  • Corporate Law & Regulatory Due Diligence.
  • FEMA Due Diligence.
  • Securities Due Diligence.
  • Employees Law Due Diligence.
  • Industrial Law Due Diligence.
  • Environmental Law Due Diligence.
  • IPR Law Due Diligence.
  • Vendor Due Diligence.
  • Insurance Due Diligence.Regular Corporate Compliance Management.  

We work closely with the corporates to identify the initial critical areas and its implications which is subsequently followed by detailed in-depth due diligence review. Our scope of work can be tailor made depending on the specific requirements of the client.