Start Up India:

There has been a phenomenal growth in the Start up area in last 10 years. Many Start Ups were set-up, got huge amount of funding and generated a lot of employment. With the passage of time, this whole ecosystem is also maturing.

Start Up India is a new initiative of Government of India, intended to build a strong and inclusive Ecosystem for innovation and Entrepreneurship in India. Under Start Up India Scheme Government provides Financial Benefits, Income Tax Benefits, Registration Benefits etc. to the recognised Start Ups.

Startup consultant:

Thus, if you are willing to begin an enterprise then you must know how to structure your Company and how to seek these services. As a Startup consultant, Kriti Advisory Services helps the Start up entrepreneurs to structure their Companies, take various approvals and advise on investment agreements etc.

Startup Advisory Services:

If you are looking for some expert who could help you out by his professional Startup advisory services, then you really do not have a better option than Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.(KAS).

There are many consultants and advisory firms who are providing Startup advisory services, but in Delhi/NCR there is only brand name that is emerging with much higher pace and it is not anybody else except Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.