1. Exemption to Section-8 Company from complying with SS-1.
  2. The time period for which the notice of the meeting is to be published on the website of the Company has now been specified. Minimum period for hosting the Notice on the website of the Company is “till the conclusion” of the meeting.
  3. Proxy form shall be only in the format prescribed under the Act and such instrument (if it meets all the requirements of the Act) cannot be questioned on the ground that it fails to comply any special requirement if specified by the Company in its Articles.
  4. In case of Private Company, a member who is a related party is now entitled to Vote on such resolution in which he is a related party.
  5. Any meeting other than an AGM and a meeting called by requisition is adjourned for want of quorum can now be held on a National Holiday.
  6. Now there is no requirement to mention the time of conclusion of General Meeting in Minutes.
  7. Provisions regarding period of maintenance of proof of sending Notice and other records is introduced. Proof of sending Notice and its delivery shall be maintained by the company for such period as decided by the Board, which shall not be less than three years from the date of the Meeting.
  8. If a member requests for delivery of Notice through a particular mode other than the one followed by the Company, he shall pay the fees as may be determined by the Company in its AGM.
  9. Notice shall contain complete particulars of the venue of the Meeting including route map & prominent landmark should be provided in the notice. Now exemption is provided to such Companies in which only its directors and/or their relatives are members and to a Wholly Owned Subsidiary.
  10. Now serial number of the Meeting is also required to be specified in the notice of the meeting.
  11. In case of Ordinary Business to be conducted at the meeting, resolutions for the same may not be stated in the Notice.
  12. A Meeting can be held on Shorter Notice if consent of 95% of Members entitled to vote at such meeting is received prior to time fixed for the Meeting.
  13. Minimum period for displaying the Results of voting on the Notice Board of the company has been provided. The same is at least 3 days from the date of meeting. 14.In case of a resolution being passed by remote e-voting or on which poll is demanded, there is no need to propose & second such a resolution by members.